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  • 1997: Mr. He Weicai, the Chairman, officially established WEIYE Mining Screen Factory in Shawan Town, Panyu District, Guangzhou.
  • 2001: The company owned 60 employees. It mainly adopted manual weaving as the production technology.
  • 2003: Mr. He Weicai, jointly with a professor of SCUT, developed the first generation of semi-automatic screen cutting machine and screen weaving machine to fully replace manual weaving. It can save over 60% of labor.
  • 2005: The second generation of screen weaving machine emerged. Through continuous improvement, screen quality was significantly improved. The mesh holes are uniform. The mesh is solid and not loosening.
  • 2013: The production area of the factory has reached 5,000m2 with a monthly output over 40,000m2. Sales Dept and the  Foreign Trade dept. were set up. 

  • 2014: Guangzhou Meton was established.
  • 2015: The first WEIYE conveyor roller was produced. The most advanced semi-automatic roller production machine in China was introduced which realized a monthly output of over 20,000 pieces.
The history of a company reflects its historical track of developing. Looking to the future, we will keep growing by meeting the various challenges in our paths.

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