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Problem Analysis of Meton Screen Mesh:
1. Irregular crack of steel wire (no wear) on the mesh
Normally the irregular crack of screen mesh surface has no clear rule. Should decide if it’s the problem of quality of raw material(wire) according to the cross section of crystal grain of the crack.

2. Linear crack on the mesh
The linear crack occurs normally because the mesh is not tensed, then there is second vibration between the support bar and mesh, whose crash causes the regular crack of mesh. The possible reasons could be:
a) The size of mesh is too long, thus the tension bolt could not be tensed enough.
b) There is problem in tension mechanism of mesh, the tension plate is not suitable for vibration screen, or the tension plate(hook) is worn or transformed.
c) The shape and size of screen hook does not mach the tension plate.
d) The structural damage of vibration screen because of broken of the welding of screen body.
e) The rubber gasket is abrased or there is gap between it and mesh.
f) There is defect in the structure design of mesh or screen.
The support bars are lower than mesh, having some distance from the mesh.
h) The rigidity of four springs of screen is not even.
i) T
he vibration amplitude is overlarge.
j) The screw of hook is not fastened regularly, thus it becomes loose.
3. Partial severe abrasion of the mesh
The buffer plate and material distribution mechanism is broken.
4. Mesh hole blocking
The screen mesh hole blocking occurs during screening with various material. The blocking reasons are as below.
a) There are lots of grains closing to separation point.
b) The moisture of material is high.
The material is spherical or multi-touch with the mesh hole.
There is static in the material.
The material is cellulosic.
There are many flake grains.
The wire diameter is oversize.
h) As for the thick mesh like rubber mesh, the grain is blocked because the hole design is unreasonable, which should be with smaller top and bigger bottom.

Solutions to blocking problems:
The shape of stones to be separated is normally irregular, thus the blocking reasons are various. Following actions should be taken in order to avoid the blocking of mesh hole.
  • When the grain is fine, muddy and screen size is small, the moisture is decisive to the blocking. If the moisture of material is more than 5% and not able to be dried, the mesh and mesh hole size should be choosed purposefully.
  • If the moisture is more than 8%, the wet screening should be adopted. As for the material with lots of flake stones, the design of stone crushing method and different grains of crushing process should be adjusted.
  • To adjust the tension of screen mesh is effective method to reduce the blocking. The reasonable tension will generate slight vibration between support bars and mesh, thus the blocking is reduced effectively. The concrete method is to make the tension hook as constant tension mechanism, that is to add spring onto the tension screw.

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