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Installation & operation:

1.Carefully check the appearance of conveyor roller for serious bump or damage before use it. The roller should be rotating flexibly without blocking.
2.The installation distance should be scientifically calculated according to the handling material and parameter of conveyor, to avoid too loose or too tight.
3.The installation should avoid the fraction between rollers.

Conveyor roller is the major part of belt conveyor, so the maintenance of roller is extreme important to the belt conveyor. The roller should be kept in the dry environment during utilization. The roller should be remained clean, and the material stick on the roller should be cleaned timely. The damaged roller should be replaced timely.
1. Should insist the patrol inspection rule and check on time. Should replace the rollers of noise and not rotatable timely, and repair the discharged roller for reuse.
2. Should define the inspection period based on experience, and assemble man power to discharge, check, and replace the rollers section by section or completely.
3. Clean the material tracked among the rollers, to keep the flexible rotation.
4. Fill oil in time onto the roller that is lack of lubrication, to extent the service life of roller.

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